6 months later…

A little update for you..

So it has been a whole 6 months since my last blog post and – embarrassingly – even longer since the post before that!
I guess what this blog once meant for me, no longer stands to be. But then again, I am not the same person I once was when this little ol’ blog of mine first went public! I’d even go as far as to think it’s safe to say, that I have grown up a hell of a lot! [I know, I know, hold your applause] because somehow I still feel – and occasionally act – like a kid! Do we think that feeling ever goes away?
I have accomplished a whole lot in the last few years since moving to London; new jobs, new friends, new adventures.. but yet I still haven’t registered at our local doctors or booked a haircut. In two years!! *cripes!*
So I guess it’s about that time that I got a true and proper handle on those daily aspects of this crazy roller coaster we call life! and maybe get on top of this blog while I’m at it.
In the meantime, here’s a cute picture of a puppy I’ve stolen from Pinterest. Because.. well.. you know.




“Better an “oops!” than a “what if…”

This year I will….

buy a camera – blog more!! – get a tattoo – go on holiday – find a new hobby/talent – finish all of last years christmas books! – do something for charity – get another tattoo? – finish this years christmas books! – pierce something.. – work a lot! – rent a car – do something for myself, by myself – stay calm – be happy.

Wishing everyone out there in the bloggersphere a wonderful new year.


Exciting things are happening….

Under Construction!!

So as you may or may not have noticed… I have been rather inactive on this little blog of mine for oohhh.. almost a year now! (yikes!) BUT that is all soon about to change.

Lori Loves is going under the knife for a little re-branding and I will be coming back to the world wide web soon with lots of exciting things to share!!!

I can’t wait to be back!

Exciting things are happening….