a little more about me: random facts



most days you’ll find me… editing photos and scouring instagram in my living room aka my office (the bf nabbed up the spare room when we moved into our new flat so the living room is where my little bae of a bureau lives!) can’t complain… the tv and coffee machine also live in this room.


the last person I text was… my mum to ask about smear tests – yes it’s important ladies! you gotta go!!


when I’m not behind the camera I am usually… nannying! you may (or may not) know that I also work part-time as a nanny! and I once spent a summer in portugal working as an au pair.


my favourite food is… carbs. all the carbs. especially bread and potatoes. but if I had to pick just one meal, then well it’s got to be a cheesy lasagne with garlic bread and coleslaw!


not many people know this but I… once fell down a manhole. ok, so a few more people than I’d like to admit know this story. don’t worry I didn’t fall ~all~ the way in. like a cat, my reflexes kicked in pretty quick and I managed to catch myself just before the ground swallowed me up completely. at the time I think I might have been more gutted that the incident wrecked my new school shoes and I now have a pretty gross dent in my left shin to remind me of that lovely day. thank god my bff was there to witness it all and laugh at me pulling myself out of the ground though! (and before you ask, no she did not help. she was too busy laughing at me and protecting her food tech treats!)


5 cities/countries/islands I’ve travelled to… paris, berlin, kenya, st vincent and the grenadines, and jamaica.
I am actually quite fortunate to say I travelled a fair bit when I was younger and my grandparents have taken me to some pretty amazing places!



the first cd single I bought was… I’m pretty sure the answer to this will be something from britney spears’ second album, but I actually can’t remember! being a 90’s kid (I was born in 1990) I was also a *huge* lover of kylie minogue and shania twain, so it could actually be a song by either of those babes I guess?!
but now that I think about it, I was also a sucker for boyzone, nsync, 5ive, and randomly, robson and jerome! LOL! (so many people going to be reading this and have no idea who those last guys are I bet)


my biggest pet peeve… when people drag their feet OR when people spit on the floor. it’s just gross and so unnecessary.


the first time I got drunk I was… I think at 14 and while I was away on holiday with my family. safe to say my mum was *not* impressed.


all-time favourite film… without a doubt it’s ‘you’ve got mail’
even though I am a massive disney fan (and still working on my dvd collection), ‘you’ve got mail’ will always make me feel better no matter the situation. failing that… father of the bride (parts I & II), 3 men and a baby/little lady, baby boom, annnnnnnnd breakfast at tiffanies.


I LOVE… new books and new stationery. I’m a sucker for that “back to school” feeling. the best time of the year if you ask me (after christmas that is.) oh and obvs my camera. duh!



when I was younger… I wanted to be on the stage and studied musical theatre, professionally, for 4 years at a college in cambridge called bodywork.
now? I don’t like to be in front of the camera much at all (I promise I’m trying) but I most definitely still sing in the shower when the bf isn’t home!


bonus fact… I was once cast in a touring irish dancing show…based in ibiza. (yes, I said ibiza) and I lived there for 5 months. (I should mention that what makes this random is I am not, nor have I ever been, an irish dancer…Ha!)