(...and that's ↢ my boyfriend, Jason!)
I live in St Albans, Hertfordshire, with this bearded guy and a collection of plants that I am trying my hardest not to drown!

Most days - when I’m not clicking away behind the camera! - you’re likely to find me either hiding in a local cafe in an attempt to avoid all distractions that come with working from home! Or I am pj'd up, working from the sofa, fluffy socks on my feet, a coffee going cold on the table (because I forgot I made one again!) and Gilmore Girls on the tv.

hello. I'm LORI!



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Long gone are the days of hour long posing sessions outside the church with Aunt Maude and cousin Gary (who you haven’t seen since you were 13), and a fussy toddler who, no matter how many cheese strings mum and dad wave at them, will just not. stop. screaming!

Your big day is entirely unique and personal to you and your, soon to be, husband/wife. It's the two of you that set your day apart from any other.

So if you want to skip those awkward group shots and get straight into the fun, more power to you! If you’re not too fussed on the 'posey' pictures, but you simply have to get a picture with Grandpa John and that one group of friends from uni, then that is exactly what we shall do! 


"Forget about what you think you
should do and lets focus on what you
want to do!"